Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Squeak!

This was the coolest "No-Sew" costume.

My son wanted to be Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks.
The hardest part was trying to find a hoodie without the zipper. I thought I was going to have to find one online to order.
Then, I stumbled across this hoodie at a church yard sale about 2 weeks ago
I cut a big "A" out of yello felt and hot glued it on.
One sheet of felt was the perfect size.
I cut faux fur into a tail hot glued brown felt to the underside to hide "ugly side" (but it never showed)
I pinned the tail on between the back pockets with 2 saftey pins from the inside before he put them on.
The ears were half circles, also cut fronm the fur and lined with the felt hot glued. I tri folded them and hot clued edges down. last I hot glued them onto hair clipies so they just cliped into his already shaggy hair (and he didn't have to wear a headband.)

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Oh these are cute!

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blog Candy Alert

Cat's Whiskers has blog candy here:

A+ Teachers

Revisiting the tiny clipboard idea...
I made these for Nolan's 3 pre-k teachers, plus Megan and Ethan's multiple teachers. I found the cutest school themed Post-it style notepads in the Dollar spot at Target and decided they would be cute on the clipboards. I cut some to fit and stamped the "Teacher" (PTI) in black. The "A+" I did freehand with red pen.

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I'll draw a name on Halloween night (It might be kinda late, after trick-or-treating)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Butterfly Thank You

My Sister-in-law had a butterfly themed baby shower this month so I made her some butterfly thank you notes and matching envelopes using PTI"s Butterfly Kisses stamp set.

It actually started with the envelolpes.
(Nana had the awesome idea to have everyone address an envelope and drop in a basket for the door prize drawing, then mom-to-be has all her thank you note envelopes pre-addressed for her.)
So I set out to make butterfly envelopes for everybody to fill out. Then I realized I should go ahead and make her the note cards to go in them too. I made 5 cards with each each large butterfly in the set.

(P.S.~ I have added a few new hair clips and pins to my Etsy store ,
with more to come...check it out!)

Friday, October 1, 2010

And, I'm back...again.

Sorry, it's been so long, It's been crazy!

But, I have been in crafty mode recently. I have even decided to give and Etsy store a try.

So waht do you think?

How about some "Tink" blog candy to celebrate the kick off of my new adventure?

Share my store on your blog and leave me a comment. I'll draw a random winner on Oct. 31st!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Long Time,.. No Blog

I haven't given up, I promise. Our computer overheated and blew. One day long long ago as I was walking by the computer area on the way to the laundry room I hear this weird "Pffft" sound from the direction of the computer. Over I go to check it out and it smells like burning rubber. (Not Good.) Hubby took it apart and did the trouble-shooting. (Turns out the fan died and the the board overheated.) And he ordered the new parts...
Today, it still sits in a new location in a different state. (Yes, he packed and moved it like that.)
We used a tiny laptop for a while but it had no way of uploading photos.
After staying with the in-laws (who were without computer or internet sevice of their own) for a few months and then finally getting an apartment and getting somewhat settled, the replacement computer is set up.
So, I guess I'll give this another go.