Monday, May 19, 2008

Pay it Forward :)

I was perusing SBinGA's BLOG and I saw this post.....

I will make something by hand for the first three people to comment to this.
It might be out of paper, it might be out of fabric, it might be something else.
It won’t be big.
And it won’t be immediate.
But you will get something handmade from me in the next 365 days if you comment.

The catch?
You have to offer this on your blog to three commenters.If you’ve already done this on your blog, please don’t be one of my three. If you don’t have a blog — get one — they’re free! And then you can participate!

So, HERE I GO!!! First 3 commenters!!! Happy commenting and don't forget to post this on your site to PAY IT FORWARD!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Picnic in a box

Have you ever been out and about with kids and they beg to go to a park and play, so you decide "let's pick up something to eat on the way and have a picnic? "
And have you ever gotten there, started unpacking your food only to discover "They forgot to give us ____?" (One particular trip to Mrs. Winner's they forgot to give us plates and plasticware that are supposed to come with a family meal should've seen us trying to scoop up the mashed potatoes with the container lid we were sharing!)
Since then I've been meaning to put an "emergency stash" of picnic supplies in our van.

So here is our "emergency picnic kit"
(Hmmm...maybe I'll stamp a new label and change the name to that...)
Paper plates, napkins, plasticware, cups (I don't have bowls yet, but a cup could be used in a pinch,) a small trash bag for clean up.
One could even include wet wipes or condiments if they wanted. (I already have baby wipes in the diaper bag as well as in the"emergency baby kit" in the van :) )

For the box label I used PTI's set Father knows best on SU Bashful Blue cardstock with PTI's Spring Moss ink and Palette's Burnt Umber. The lettering was done in Palette's Noir with their Simple Type alphabet. (My only complaint is they only give you one C per upper or lower case where as they have multiples of most letters. I really didn't wan't to have to go back and try to line up the one letter and possibly mess up an otherwise finished project, so I used the upper case C at the end of the word Picnic.)

So that's my emergency picnic box...Now if I can just remember to actually put it in the van!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Save a Tree

Save a tree, Use a Rag... (instead of a paper towel, that comes from a tree... get it?) That was a slogan from a comercial urging us to protect our environment years ago. (I think it aired on Mtv but I could be wrong, it has been ages since.) Anyway, with this cute tree form PTI's set Father Knows Best comming out just before Earth Day last month I knew right away I wanted to make Save a Tree Rags.
For my "Rags" I cut a flower sack towel into four wascloth sized pieces.
I used PTI's Simple Type for the wording in Pallete ink, Noir.
My tree is stamped in PTI's Spring Moss and Pallete's Burnt Umber.
*Tip*- The spring moss was pretty pale compared to the Burn Umber, so I inked up the leaves a second time and stamped right back on top of them. (One of the great things about having a clear stamp!)