Thursday, June 14, 2007

My new cube

As far as craft rooms go, I have always loved the look of a wall lined with white cabinets and shelves.
(and all the clutter that comes with the artistic nature tucked away behind the doors.) some of the pretty white cabinets came with a "pretty" price tag. (Must one be rich to be organized?)
I used to drool over them at the local scrapbook store.
Then, the other day at Target I strolled down their scrapbook isle just to see what the had to offer, and what did I find? Pretty white cabinets with half the price tag. So, I picked one up for starters. I was able to build it without any help. (Yea!)
So, my craft-space is finally off to a very small start. (But hey, it's still a start.) I think the key for me to stay organized is that everything must have it's "spot" to go right back into. (I admit I'm still working on this...)
Oh, the top right is a picture from the box showing a sample put together with of some of the pieces they offer (not my room, sigh...)

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Corie said...

I have these. My hubby made a desk out of them. I love them.