Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Rhythm of the Night

The last week of May was dance recital time for Megan.
Her class did Tap to "Funkytown" and a Lyrical ballet to a song called "Home."
Can you guess which costume is which? ;)
A while back I was inspired by Lauren Meader's Ballerina Frame...

It was just soooo cute. I decided I wanted to do a frame for Megan's dance teacher.
(I showed Lauren's frame to my hubby and told him my plan and had no trouble convincing him I needed that stamp!)
Megan's class, however, had grown to 14 girls! My 12x12 paper couldn't fit that many in one continuous row. So to make them fit I had to split them into two rows of 7. I Joined the two rows with a block printed with the name of their dance (Home) and The recital theme (The Rhythm of the Night, 2008) Since there were no toe shoes involved, I felt the tittle fit a little more than the original sentiment did.
Like Lauren I used the ballet costume colors.
Since they were doing a lyrical and not a classical, they were to have their hair slicked into a low ponytail with their hair ornaments around the ponytail, no buns. So, I colored the loopy bit on top of their heads as if it were a hair ornament instead of a bun.
** Megan decided to donate her hair to Locks of Love last month, so she had to opt for a small ponytail on top to pull the hair away from her face. She was the only one with her ponytail and hair ornaments on top :) **
I water colored the ballerinas to represent each girl in the class.
My ballerinas and tittle were mounted on a shimmery pink patterned paper with the word Dance in silver and black all over it. Then I put them into a black 8x10 frame.
(The dance studios main walls are done in a sparkley grey paint, a muted teal, and black. )
I also used this stamp to make a little gift for each girl... I'll get that picture and post up soon. :)
Finally, I want to give credit where it is due and thank Lauren for being such a wonderful source of inspiration!


Lauren (mytime) said...

This is just stunning! Love all the ballerinas and while your frame is a beauty it pales in comparison to your real life ballerina! She looks so adorable in her costume! Hope you had fun making it.

Stamp by the Light of the said...

This is a fantastic frame!! My three daughters who are 8, 5 and 3 all take dance and were all in the recital this year. Altogether they were in six dances. We've been at the same studio for seven years and I'd LOVE to make our director a framed print like this!! Thank you for the inspiration! Jen